Closed-loop Take Back Service

My Neo3DT jewellery is 3D printed with PLA, lactic acid from Cornstarch which is biodegradable under industrial composting but more importantly it can be melted down into the PLA filament for reuse. 

We only use  stainless steel findings or sterling silver which can also be recycled by melting down. 

The way my  jewellery closed loop take back service works is that you can:

Return your jewellery (return postage paid by Neo3DT) and get 20% discount on your next purchase. The old pieces go back to local filament maker here in Melbourne to be recycled into PLA filament again. Surgical steel findings go to a scrap metal recycler or there is option to keep and get new 3D pieces added to finding and customer gets a further 10%. *Hybrid 3D printed and up-cycled pieces will be recycled appropriately as a above and appropriately depending on material .

3D printed/Hybrid Jewellery consists of broken pieces of jewellery rescued from landfill from jewellery shops and op shops.