Mati 3D Printed Dangle Earrings – Black/Copper


Circular & 3D Designed Artefact
♾Closed Loop Afterlife Take-Back Service Available
♻️Zero Waste Design & Printing
🌽Biodegradable or Up-cycled Materials
➿Responsible Design
Made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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Mati means eyes in greek and represents protection.


Hypoallergenic surgical steel stud or hook.

Made from PLA, Cornstarch.

PLA biologically degrades under industrial composting conditions and can be recycled back into PLA. We offer a closed-loop take-back service and return to a local filament manufacturer to reuse(see details on ‘Closed Loop Take-back service‘.

Designed and Made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

1-year warranty on surgical steel findings

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Metallic Black-Copper