Nyx Hybrid 3D Printed Up-Cycled Earrings


  • Where eco friendly methods meet, this hybrid design combining 3D printed components with sustainably sourced embellishments
  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel stud or hook
  • Made from PLA, Cornstarch
  • PLA biologically degrades under industrial composting conditions and can be recycled back into PLA. We offer a closed-loop take back service and return to a local filament manufacturer to reuse(see details on the website).
  • Designed and Made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia
  • 1-year warranty on surgical steel findings


👁‍🗨Circular & 3D Designed Artefact
♾Closed Loop Afterlife Take-Back Service Available
♻️Zero Waste Design & Printing
🌽Biodegradable or Up-cycled Materials
➿Responsible Design
Made in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3 cm